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Saturday, October 21, 2006 



It had been a while I stopped blogging, way back while I was still in the New York. I guess no one missed my writings as much as Rahmat and Badik’s. Well, reading Badik’s comment in his website yesterday made me think. Things have changed a lot. Since I joined Group Talent Sourcing (new name for Recruitment) in Petronas HRM Division last August, the things I involved in had open up my mind a bit. I am planning to share with you the new things that I have learned since I joined the workforce. I know I am a bit behind Rahmat and Badik, but nothing is too late.

By the way guys, I am currently writing with my new Macbook. I already sold my T42 Thinkpad for a good price, hehe. My Thinkpad had been running so slow for a few months; even my old Thinkpad T30 is running faster. I like my new machine very much. It has awesome look and I still need to learn the new OS (Mac OS X).

Till then, insha Allah I’ll keep posting new entries. Hopefully I’ll improve my writing that I had not done for such a long time.


welcome back to the virtual world.

waalaikuusalam gilak la la awang kembali
ko jual t42 alahai baru je nak buat ganthering t42 hahaha ape merepek aku ni

actually i really miss your writing. macbook kat msia berapa?

haha... selamba nak buat gathering T42...

macbook berharga paling murah RM 4399

harga jual t42 dlm rm 2000-2500 camtulah

slm alaykm asbah

apa khabar?

did u remember me from troy? br. zahid ayar from turkey here...

how is rahmat?

what is his blog address?


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