Sunday, October 22, 2006 

My new MacBook

From My new MacBook

My Desktop

From My new MacBook

My Instant Messengers

From My new MacBook

My webcam

Saturday, October 21, 2006 



It had been a while I stopped blogging, way back while I was still in the New York. I guess no one missed my writings as much as Rahmat and Badik’s. Well, reading Badik’s comment in his website yesterday made me think. Things have changed a lot. Since I joined Group Talent Sourcing (new name for Recruitment) in Petronas HRM Division last August, the things I involved in had open up my mind a bit. I am planning to share with you the new things that I have learned since I joined the workforce. I know I am a bit behind Rahmat and Badik, but nothing is too late.

By the way guys, I am currently writing with my new Macbook. I already sold my T42 Thinkpad for a good price, hehe. My Thinkpad had been running so slow for a few months; even my old Thinkpad T30 is running faster. I like my new machine very much. It has awesome look and I still need to learn the new OS (Mac OS X).

Till then, insha Allah I’ll keep posting new entries. Hopefully I’ll improve my writing that I had not done for such a long time.


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